System Descriptions

You'll find descriptions and assessments of the proportional electoral systems below, followed by semi-proportional. Winner-take-all systems are not included here, as the navigation guide generally parsed their differences and effects (though fusion voting is included here because it's less familiar for many, but important to know about). Each description includes a review of the voting and representational effects of the system, and case histories from its actual use. You'll also find a primer on differentiating between "proportional" and "parliamentary."

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Electoral System_ Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP).pdf
Electoral System_ Single Transferable Vote (STV).pdf
Electoral System_ Party List.pdf
Electoral System_ Cumulative Voting.pdf
Electoral System_Limited Voting.pdf
Electoral System_ Parallel Voting.pdf
Electoral System_Fusion Voting.pdf
Proportional and parliamentary_ often paired, but they don’t have to be.pdf
Neither Fish Nor Fowl: The Special Case of Using Ranked Ballots in Presidential Primaries and Caucuses