Thornburg v Gingles

This is a lay person's policy investigation into the flawed and antiquated 1986 Supreme Court case that still serves as precedent in federal Voting Rights claims under section 2 of the Act; it is not an attempt at legal analysis. It is, however, a deep dive; there's a much shorter summary if you prefer. This type of analysis could not alter the legal precedent, or change what has already happened as a result of it. My hope is that it spurs more discussion in the broader "voting rights community" about where to go from here, by thinking of where we might have been able to go... but for a missed opportunity by the United States Supreme Court, in part because at that time, "the signs of [PR's] present day resuscitation" placed before them weren't yet bright enough to be noticed. We can't change that past, but we can certainly take note and influence the future.

Voting Rights in Gingles_ The Alternative Single Shot Not Taken.pdf
The 1986 Gingles voting rights precedent_ One important step forward; one giant leap not taken.pdf