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  • Public non-academic resource library of original material, and a "reference librarian" - me - available to help you locate whatever you might need from it. The main purpose of this site is to have this free content readily available to anyone working to make ours a more representative democracy. Or, anyone merely curious about proportional representation, who should start out with the core Principles of Proportionality & Disproportionality.

  • Separately, I also provide customized research and consulting services to promote and advance PR in the United States. Modest fees, with sliding scales; if what you need to know isn't here already, I can help: no job too small, large jobs welcome.

  • Specializing in historical and contemporary voting system research and analysis; use of proportional remedies in Voting Rights litigation; and electoral system reform generally, including technical and implementation elements.

Howie Fain


Twitter: @prvoting

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