Proportional Representation

It's not really a difficult choice, once you realize there is a choice.

The core principles of proportionality:

“In a democracy, the right of decision belongs to the majority, but the right of representation belongs to all.” Ernest Naville, Switzerland, 1865. If you don't hear from everybody, you can't know who is the majority, or what they want.

PR Voting believes the right of representation must include:

  • the right to freely cast a vote

  • the right to join your vote with others with shared interests, no matter where you and they live

  • The right to elect a representative


  • True majority rule

The core principles of


  • winner-take-all can be fair for winners and losers alike

  • geography is destiny - it's the defining interest of all voters

  • representation is a privilege; those who win get heard, those who don't, don’t

  • voter suppression is more than just a racist tool; it's a rational strategy in a zero-sum game

  • a single district "representative" can properly represent the diverse interests of all the people who live within that district.